Blue Mark V Finish Questions (For restoring my Ven II)

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Blue Mark V Finish Questions (For restoring my Ven II)

Postby 101Volts » Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:01 am

I've seen many pictures of MK V models, Particularly of the blue ones. Often enough the color will look different depending on the guitar or picture, I'm not yet sure of the reason. Ricky Wilson's MK V always looked like a dark blue in pictures and video (Though even it looked slightly different depending on the pic) And I've seen pictures of other MK Vs that looked like a light sky blue. Did Mosrite use different shades of blue on purpose, Were the batches of paint not very consistent or do these all look different only because of the camera and lighting? Most importantly, A question for anyone who have a MK V in Blue, Which of these pictures is the closest to the finish on yours?

The pics in these two auctions give a good example of how the guitar can look different depending on the lighting. ... 252F0%253D

Note, In this Michael Marks auction that the MK V looks much brighter than the Ventures I. I'm still not ruling out that batches of paint could have been noticeably different. ... 415803cd6e

Pics of Ricky's:

Album Cover (A bit grainy and dull) ... /b-52s.jpg

Live Pic (Rich, Midnight blue-ish. Possibly photoshopped?)

Live Pic from the same show, Not as saturated

Live pic from a different show (Also a bit dull looking) ... 0BB1B657CC

More pics:

Dark Blue MK V

Lighter, Rich colored Ventures II

Light MK V

Tym's MK V (Looks a bit dull though I think that's because of the camera)

1966 Ventures II German Carve, B670 - Yellow, Originally Sunburst.
1970s "Not a Blues Bender" Body 1 with a Long Neck Rout - Black.
1970s "Not a Blues Bender" Body 2.
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