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Re: New Member,-Brass Rail with odd tailpiece

Postby 101Volts » Sat Oct 07, 2023 3:55 pm

Brufer wrote:Hello Austin

So I dug through my archives and couldn't find a receipt but found some pics from 20 +/- years ago that I labeled 1977 Brass Rail Deluxe. There are six knobs, but not push pull. There are 2 input jacks with the # 11147 on the silver jack plate. There is no.stereo designation however. Next to the 2 black buttons on the brass faceplate there is a mini toggle. The pickups look original to me .as they match and fit the surrounds well. As I mentioned earlier I was told by a friend that Bill Gruggett added the weird vibrato , so possibly he added the mini toggle etc? Any thoughts? Thanks Brufer

It's interesting that it appears as though there was a later batch of Deluxe models. Yours, 71, is close to the other one I heard of which might (or might not) be a Deluxe; 76. I didn't get as much confirmation for that one; Jim Diamond once owned it, but didn't have it when I asked him about various Mosrites that he owns.

I'm not sure what to say about the controls, yet. But does yours require a 9v battery in the control cavity for anything? My Deluxe 10 does, for the Active circuit.

How much does yours weigh? Mine is in the 9 to 10 pound range, if I remember right.

Also, the original case of mine is Blue inside. It has a little plaque on it that says "Happy Birthday America from The New Mosrite 1776 - 1976 010."

Here's a photo of mine:


On mine, these controls are not intuitive. I'll copy and paste an explanation for them that I made at The Gear Page:

1: You have a Passive circuit and an Active circuit that runs on a 9v battery.
2: Each circuit can be selected with the toggle switch.
3: One of the outputs can give out both the Active circuit and Passive circuit, but the other output can only give the Passive circuit.
4: You have a master tone and master volume, seen on the right.
5: You have 2 phase switches (1 for each circuit.)
6: The 4 knobs surrounding the toggle switch are push-pull knobs which turn the pickups on or off, according to each circuit.
7: The active circuit knobs also act as volume controls (I think one of the 2 passive knobs does this too, maybe the other one's not wired right) so you have a sub-volume control for each pickup before you get to the master volume control. This is necessary, because the active circuit can quite likely blow up an amplifier due to its sheer power. I've tried it a few times, and I've literally rattled my window panes because of it. (I guess it helps that they're 100+ year old windows not up to modern code, though.)

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