Fillmore V65 vs. Kurokumo SuperExcellent

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Fillmore V65 vs. Kurokumo SuperExcellent

Postby Midgod07 » Fri May 01, 2020 10:32 am

Anyone have an opinion on what the better guitar is? I've heard Fillmores have tuning issues with the trem. The Fillmore seem to be a bit cheaper. Primarily interested in differences in the neck/frets, tone, and trem.

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Re: Fillmore V65 vs. Kurokumo SuperExcellent

Postby amoviebuff » Mon May 04, 2020 10:34 am

I won't get into the component details of your questions (sorry!). Here are the comparable guitars I own or used to own, plus my opinion overall rating of each, 1 -5 stars. (I know this may spark controversy among the readers, but hey, each is entitled to his/her own opinion!)

I own now
***** 2019 Hallmark 65 Custom
***** 1972 Mosrite Mark I
**** 1968 Mosrite Ventures

I used to own
**** 1970s Mosrite Ventures Vibramute re-issue
**** 2000s Kurokumo Super ‘65
*** 2000s Kurokumo "Excellent" ‘65
*** 2000s Fillmore “Mosrite of Classics” ‘65

The above star ratings are my opinion only on my specific guitars. They are my overall ratings, including sound quality, durability, appearance, “fit & finish”, "intangibles", etc. NOTE: Of the “non-true” Mosrites, I would consider the Kurokumo and Fillmore guitars as “clones” as they call themselves “Mosrite”. I consider the Hallmark to be “Mosrite-inspired”, as it does not claim to be a “Mosrite”.
2019 Höfner HI-BB Bass
2019 Hallmark 65 Custom
2018 Fender Mustang 90
2002 Fender DG-11
1993 Fender Strat Plus
1972 Mosrite Mark I
1968 Mosrite Ventures
1968 Vox Folk Twelve Electric

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