Fillmore Neck Profifles vs. Vintage Mark 1 Models

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Fillmore Neck Profifles vs. Vintage Mark 1 Models

Postby MozRite » Sun May 26, 2019 4:12 pm

Anyone know how the difference is? I have a Fillmore of Classics. I have only tried two vintage Mark 1s and didn't have my Fillmore to A/B. I can't recall how different they are. The Fillmore is a bit narrow and thin but not too much so that I can't play it. It's not as comfortable or wide or thick as my circa 1969 Firstman Mosrite Avenger, but I can't imagine it being as narrow and thin as a vintage Mark 1, but then again I don't have one to A/B and I can't recall from when I tried the vintage ones, once about 20 years ago and once one year ago how they compare. From instinctive memory I feel that the two Mark 1 models didn't vary at all and were about the same even though I tried them about 19/20 years apart. The Fillmore I am not sure, I just am not, but I can say it's a little narrow and thin but to what amount? Not tiny like my vintage Mark V which was intended as a student guitar though so of course not.

But Fillmore has been in business for years so they probably have had different neck profiles over the years, but I am talking about a circa 2005 or 2007 ish "Of Classics".


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Re: Fillmore Neck Profifles vs. Vintage Mark 1 Models

Postby amoviebuff » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:01 pm

(See my June 13, 2019, reply in the "Mosrite of Classics Inquiry" thread.)
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