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NGD Mosrite Avenger

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:46 pm
by MozRite
Normally I would wait to take possession of the guitar before doing a NGD discussion but I have some concerns about this one that maybe you can help me with.

On eBay there was a Mosrite Avenger the seller says is a late 60s model. I bidded on it with in mind of only going as high as $525. I know from seeing these on eBay and Reverb they usually go from about $800 to $1,000 depending on the mood of the seller and buyer. I didn't expect to win at $600. I got carried away and bidded up to $600 and won the auction, plus $50 shipping. Both the seller and I are in CA. If he ships Monday I could get it as early as Wednesday, but more realistically Thursday.

Some concerns are this. The string guide is plastic, but all the ones I have seen on vintage American and Japanese models are metal of sorts. The dots are bigger dots like on Morales Mosrites.

So my concers was that maybe someone took a Morales and altered the headstock and got a Mosrite Avenger decal and made it into a Mosrite Avenger but that theory is no good because the trem says Mosrite and has Mosley on it too. Also its double dots until 12 where it's three then after it's one dot. Morales always are double dots until 12 where it's three then it's back to two. The neck plate is four screw unlike Morales six screw.

He moved the trem for intonation purposes. Hopefully this means it was set up pretty good. Not sure why this had to be done rather than adjust the saddles only. Hope it turned out good.

I did just find one sold on Reverb recently from a seller in Cambodia with a Mosrite Avenger just like the one I just bought. So seems like this was a production model but my question is what's up with the big dots and plastic string guide? I thought maybe this is the same guitar. Maybe the Californian recently bought it from the Cambodian but decided to resell it. It's not b/c on the one I bought although the neck plate the same, the Cambodian one says Made in Japan and mine doesn't.

Vintage Japanese guitars don't get held to the tight and strict standards as American ones do, even complete copies, so the dots being different, the string guide, and the moved trem isn't a big deal as long as the guitar is still very functional and sounds great. The price was reasonable too. Had it been American vintage the price drop would have been significantly more percentage wise I think.

Can any of you shed light on this new vintage Japanese Avenger of mine? Mine was a reasonable price if it plays and sounds good that the small differences are fine, just I am curious if anyone can say anything about this.

Thank You,


Re: NGD Mosrite Avenger

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:47 pm
by MozRite
Let's see if I could successfully post a photo of it for you to see.