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How Are Early 70s Mosrites?

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:41 am
by MozRite
I hear Semie Mosley went bankrupt and reorganized and went back into business in 1972. How are the guitars from this era? How do they compare to the 1960s models? Thanks

Re: How Are Early 70s Mosrites?

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:54 am
by Sarah93003
I can only speak to the Celebrities. All of the era's were well made. The 1972 Celebrities, to me, are a transition period using up older inventory. For example the 1972's control plate is the same one used on the Mosrite Dobro (Mobro). My favorites are the 1973/1974 era with humbuckers and other options. I also very much like the Celebrity Gospels.