Smooth Top Pickup Question

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Smooth Top Pickup Question

Postby MozRite » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:27 am

I tried searching for the answer at this website but didn't find it so maybe if I post a question someone here might know.

I have a 1965 or '66 Mark V with smooth top pickups. It's kind of weak sounding, but it's not supposed to sound like a Mark V anyway. In the late '80s they made a Nokie model with some smooth top pickups in it and I'd like to know do the smooth top pickups from the '80s have the same or different specks from the '60s originals?

I like this tone that Chicchi gets. She's a Japanese surf guitarist who started out as a young tyke of about 8 years old professionally and continued into her teens. She plays a Nokie and I like this tone and she's got Smooth Top pickups. It's hard to tell from recordings if it's the same as a '60s smooth top. It is nothing like Ricky Wilson's tone but a lot goes into recordings like effects, amps, processing and such. So that's why I can't tell from recordings but I do love this tone. It's differently different from pole piece versions because it's not as hot or not as rough or ready to overdrive, but if she pushes it you get slight hairy sound but not like the extent of the polepiece pickups.

Thank You
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