Thanks for having me!

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Thanks for having me!

Postby corvair700 » Sat Jan 20, 2024 12:11 pm

I just recently acquired a 1966 Mark V, my first Mosrite, and have to say this is the sound I've been looking for all my life, just wondering why it took me 40 years.[img]IMG_2733.jpeg[/img]

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Re: Thanks for having me!

Postby 101Volts » Sun Jan 21, 2024 10:49 pm

Welcome. Mosrites do have a surprising and unique tone, don't they? I think it's somewhere between a Telecaster Bridge Pickup and a P90.

I also have a close one to yours, but mine's probably in far worse shape. It says "the Ventures II model" on the headstock, which is confusing, but it's ultimately the 2nd version of the Ventures II which later was re-named the "Ventures Mark V model." The earliest Ventures II isn't even the same body shape, it's the one Johnny Ramone played.

Mine has dents all over it, it's missing the original electronics and pickups, and the original finish (which was Sunburst.) I'd like to refinish it White with a Tortoiseshell Pickguard, or maybe just a pickguard made out of a vinyl record since I already did that to a Silvertone Acoustic. Mosrite did offer the Mark V in White with a Tortoiseshell Pickguard, but it's one of the lesser known versions.

Your photo's not working, sadly. You need a Direct URL to the photo, that's what goes in-between the "Img" brackets.

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Re: Thanks for having me!

Postby t-bone » Wed Jan 24, 2024 9:36 pm

welcome corvair700. thank you for coming aboard. the sound is something all it’s own from any guitar out there. from the short scale, zero fret, massive sweet vibrato/bridge, pickups of enormous character…all combine in a really harmonious instrument. i’d love to see your pics but most of all thanks for sharing
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