Another One on E-Bay

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Re: Another One on E-Bay

Postby dorkrockrecords » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:32 am

From my experience, Kurokumo is the only brand that stamps their neck plates with the Mosrite logo. I also believe they have in the past put "Mosrite" on the tuners where "Kluson" would go. In the past few years, Fillmore has been trying to do things by the book - no longer using The Ventures logo or "Mosrite of California," instead using "Mosrite of USA," "Mosrite of Classics," "Mosrite of Century," etc. Fillmore also has used the "Built in Soul" logo on and off. However, other than the "Excellent" marked tailpieces, it would be a mistake to presume brand from a correct looking Vibramute or Moseley trem.

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