How to Post photo's on this forum

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How to Post photo's on this forum

Postby dubtrub » Thu May 15, 2008 9:19 am

Posting photo's on this is web site greatly enhances a topic, making it much more interesting if supported with photo's.

If you're unfamiliar with the process of adding photo's to your post, here are a couple of scenarios that should help you with the posting of photo's.

1. If there is a photo on another website that you wish to post on this forum, place you cursor on that image you wish to copy and right click your mouse. A box will open, and at the bottom of that box is the word properties. Left click on properties and another window will pop open. In that window you will see 'Address (URL). Highlight that address by left clicking and holding down while dragging the cursor across the all the address to make it highlighted. Then right click and when the window open, left click 'copy'.

Now return to your post that you are typing here on this forum and locate the Img button above the box where you are typing. You will see various button options to use in the text of your post. i.e; B i u Quote, Code, Img, URL etc,. Click Img and you will see [Img Img] with the vertical line flashing between the two Img's. Right click your mouse and the little window will pop open. Click on the word 'post' and the URL address you saved earlier will automatically be posted between the two Img's in place of the vertical flashing line. To verify that your photo has been transferred, go to the bottom of your post a click review. Scroll back to the upper portion of your screen above your 'post a new topic' window and you should see the final results. If it looks good to go, simply go down and click the submit button and you are done.

2. If you have a photo saved on your computer i.e.; My Documents, and you want to post that photo on the forum, then it becomes necessary to find an host on the internet to transfer that picture in order for it to receive a URL Address to be used with the [Img] feature as described above. There are several free image hosting websites on the internet. I use Photobucket. Once you've signed up for your free account, follow their instructions for transferring your photo's from your computer to their website. Once that's done then simply copy and paste the IMG (image) URL (link) displayed next to the photo on the host website.
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